Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fundamentals review questions

  1. Florence nightingale opened the first school of nursing outside a hospital that stressed : learning
  2. Which of the following was the first practical nursing school in the United States? : Ballard school
  3. Which of the following trends are expected to influence nursing in the 21 st century? Higher client acuity.
  4. Which of the following is the function of a LPN/LVN ? : provide direct patient care
  5. Practical standards for the LPN?LVN include which of the following? Function with other healthcare team members in promoting health.
  6. Which national organization strives to achieve accreditation of nursing programs for LPN/LVN? : NLN
  7. Current trends in the delivery of healthcare include which of the following? : preventing disease by educating and screening.
  8. Persons who are on Medicare : pay monthly premiums
  9. The goal of health maintenance organizations is to: avoid health problems by prevention
  10. What standards of care is the vocational nursing student held when providing care normally performed by a licensed vocational nurse? : the student is held to the same satndard as the LVN
  11. Which of the following is the nurse’s responsibility in obtaining informed consent? :confirm that the signs consent is the chart prior to the procedure.
  12. Safeguards for the nurse and student nurse against litigations include: follow accepted procedures
  13. Chapter 5 repeated
  14. The nurse understands that the probable effect of a client ‘s choosing to continue to smoke cigarettes will be : increased risk of heart disease and heart attack
  15. Today’s healthcare system emphasize: disease prevention.
  16. Health promotion and disease prevention measures include which of the following: helping clients with DM to manage their weight and follow dietary guidelines
  17. Which agency should the nurse notify regarding a client with infected rat bites who reports that the entire apartment complex is infected with rats? department of agriculture
  18. The community health center in your area has hired you to assist with projects during the summer. You should except that your duties might include : working with clients in group homes for the mentally ill or mentally retarded, day-care centers, or in school settings.
  19. Encouraging families to obtain and use a radon testing kit would help prevent disease related to: land pollution
  20. A client has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. The client states. Why has this happened to me? The client is in which stage of grieving? : anger
  21. What action would be most appropriate to support the spiritual concerns of a terminally ill client who has not practiced a formal religion?: encourage the client to gain strength from caring relationships
  22. When a client is grieving , which of the following is a correct statements? : the client may move back and forth from one stage to another.
  23. Which part of the nursing process includes the statement of the clients’ actual or potential problems.: nursing diagnosis
  24. Which of the folowing is a charcterstics of the nursing process? the client is a central focus of process
  25. Implementations of nursing process involves: giving actual nursing care
  26. Which skill does the nurse use to determine the meaning of multiple cues when assessing the clients? : critical thinking
  27. The primary reason for nurses to use nursing care plan is to : ensure consistency of care among all nursing staff.
  28. Which of the following is the example of objective data?: client’s respirations are 14/minute
  29. Which of the following is the example of subjective data? : clients complains of chest pain
  30. Which of the following is the example of client chief complaint? : I’m in the hospital for hip surgery
  31. A client is admitted to the hospital with complaints of chest pain during exercise. Which of the following questions would be the priority for the nurse to ask? : what if anything , helps to relieve your chest pain.
  32. After a nurse completes the nursing history and physical examination, what action is most appropriate? : data analysis
  33. In the nursing diagnosis, hyperthermia related to exposure to hot environment as evidenced by temperature 101 F, skin flushed and warm to touch, what part represents the problem: hyperthermia
  34. In the nursing diagnosis, chronic pain related to chronic physical disability as evidenced by patient statement of pain usually a 6 out of 10 on the pain scale, restlessness, facial grimacing with movements,’’ which part represents the etiology? chronic physical disability
  35. Which of the following is a correctly written goal? : client will discuss feelings about illness
  36. Which of the following nursing diagnostic categories has the highest priority? : ineffective airway clearance
  37. When writing care plans, the nurse should develop a plan for the client that is :individualized
  38. Which of the following is an independent nursing action? :provide a backrub for a client
  39. Which of the following is an dependent nursing action? : administering a routine medication
  40. Which type of skill is the nurse using when inserting a nasogastric tube? technical
  41. Which of the following best describes the use of evaluation in the nursing process? the nurse rewrites the nursing care plan because the client is unable to meet the goal of walking in the hallway for 50 feet twice a day.
  42. Choose which of the following statements that are correct regarding discharge planning.: discharge planning should begin during the initial nursing interview and assessment
  43. Which of the following is a priority nursing intervention? : assisting the client to a full fowler’s position because the client is having difficulty breathing in a supine position.
  44. The nurse has recorded nursing care in the wrong client’s chart. What action should the nurse takes: cross out the error with a single line and write error and his or her initials.
  45. Which of the following is a correct entry that can be made into a client’s chart? : client’s dressing is dry and intact.
  46. Which of the following is a correct method for documenting subjective data? Client states-I feel nauseated.
  47. On which form would the nurse document vital signs? :flow sheet
  48. On which form would the nurse document what a wound looked like during a dressing change procedure? Progress note
  49. A clients complains of feeling bloated after surgery. Physical examination reveals the abdomen is filled with gas. The nurse would document the findings as: distended abdomen
  50. Chapter 40 repeated chapter 41 repeated chapter 42
  51. Chapter 44 do it later
  52. Before a patient arrives on the nursing unit, the administrations department usually: has the client sign consent for treatment
  53. When a client arrives on the nursing unit, the student nurse or LPN would be responsible for: charting admission details
  54. Which of the following measures will help to prevent dehumanization? :handling procedures with respect and tact.
  55. When a client tells the nursing student that he/she is planning to leave a healthcare facility against medical advice, what actions should the student take? : have a client sign a release form.
  56. Nursing documentation at discharge should include a :nursing summary of client problems and resolutions
  57. When counting a client’s respirations, which action is appropriate? keep your fingertips on the client’s pulse.
  58. For a healthy adult. Which vital signs indicate an abnormal findings?: temperature: 38 C
  59. Which type of temp measurement is the easiest, fastest, and most comfortable for clients? : temporal artery
  60. Which of the following would have the least effect on the adult’s pulse?: time of day
  61. When documenting a client’s BP, the systolic pressure is recorded as the point at which : the first korotkoff’s sound appears
  62. Chpater 47 later
  63. To prevent injury, the Posey jacket safety device should not be used: on the bed
  64. Prior to moving an immobile client up in bed, how should the bed be positioned? : head of the bed in flat position
  65. Which of the following actions is correct when performing PROM exercises? : support all joint during exercises.
  66. A client is having difficulty breathing. Which position could be used to make breathing easier for the client? Fowler’s
  67. Which instruction is most important for the nurse to include in discharge teaching for a cleint who will be using crutches? Avoid going up stairs
  68. The nurse knows that a properly made bed for a client who is bedridden is important to prevent : skin breakdown
  69. The nurse makes a closed bed for a client who : will be arriving on the unit
  70. The nurse will know that a bed cradle is functioning properly if the :linens remain off the client’s body
  71. A coherent client complains of the side rails being in up position and has tried to crawl over the rails. The nurses best action would be: put the rails down on one side
  72. Routine remaking of cleint’s bed is usually done: after the client’s bath and morning care
  73. When teaching the client about oral hygiene, the nurse should include which of the following? : oral hygiene improves food’s taste
  74. Which of the following clients would need hourly oral hygiene? : an unresponsive client
  75. When providing eye care, which approach should the nurse take? : cleanse from the inner to the outer canthus
  76. The nurse is caring for a client with poor eyesight. Which action is appropriate when shaving the client? : assist the client with shaving
  77. Which information is most important for the nurse to obtain prior to bathing a client? Client’s condition
  78. The nurse knows that a false-positive guaiac stool test may occur if the client eats: Beets
  79. When teaching a cleint about obtaining the 24 hour urine specimen, it is most important to instruyct the client to :notify the staff with each voiding so th urine may be collected
  80. When obtaining a urine specimen from a retention catheter, which technique should the nurse use to avoid contamination of the system?cleanse the aspiration port with a betadine swab
  81. Which method sgould the nurse use when collecting a stool specimen? : take a portion of feces from 3 different areas of stool specimen
  82. When obtaining a midstream urine specimen from a female client, which instructions would be most important for the nurse to tell the cleint? Wipe from front to back when cleansing the area.
  83. Which instruction is most important for the nurse to include after application of the binder or bandage to a client’s extremity? Notify the nurse if extreme pain occurs
  84. When evaluating the effects of a bandage, the nurse should monitor: circulation of nerve function
  85. Prior to applying ant embolism stockings, which action by the nurse is most important? Ensure the client has been recumbent for at least 15 minutes before application.
  86. Elastic stockings should be removed every 8 hours to : examine the leg for redness, pitting edema, or skin discoloration
  87. A client complains of itching while a bandage is in place.: assess the are immediately
  88. When applying moist heat, which approach should the nurse use? :first, apply a protective layer of petroleum jelly
  89. Which technique should be used when performing an ultrasound treatment?: apply lubricating gel to the client’s skin.
  90. The physician orders a tub soak for a client for 30 minutes at 110F. Which action should the nurse take?: questions the order with the physician, due to the possibility of burning the client.
  91. Which of the following treatments would be most appropriate for a maternity client who has just delivered a baby and has an episiotomy? : sitz bath to the perineum
  92. To reduce fever, a tepid sponge bath would be done for atlest: 30 minutes
  93. Which of the following most likely indicates that pain interventions has been effective? : participation in activities
  94. Which of the following is the best subjective indicator that a client is experiencing pain? : the client states that pain is present
  95. A client is experiences chronic pain is at greatest risk for developing : depression
  96. Which of the following would be most appropriate independent interventions for a client experiencing pain? : offer to give the client a backrub
  97. Which of the following medications would the nurse expect to administer to control severe pain? Morphine
  98. The pain threshold can be related to the: cultural expectations
  99. Which of the following would support the clients dignity during the dying process? : allow the client to complete activities
  100. When evaluating the effectiveness of atropic administered to the dying person, the nurse would assess for : reduced secretions
  101. Which of the following statements reflects the current treatments of dying clients with regard t pain control?: large doses may be needed to control pain
  102. Which of the following indicate that death is approaching? : extremities feel cooler to touch
  103. The daughter of a dying client expresses that she feels helpless and does not know what to do . Which of the following would not be appropriate nursing action? Shower her how to give her father a backrub

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